Be My Disciples is back!  We have started to meet in person, and we are very happy to be back with our young people.  Any child or young person between the ages of grade 1 to Junior High is welcome to join our group.  A few places are available.  For information, please contact Connie Kuhr.


CHRISTMAS BOXES – As part of our group’s activities to increase our children’s Christian awareness, we will once again participate in Operation Christmas Child in conjunction with Samaritan’s Purse. This is a project where every Christmas, millions of shoeboxes filled with gifts are hand delivered to millions of needy children around the world who would otherwise not know God’s love for them through His gift of His Son, Jesus Christ. Our children will be filling the shoeboxes with toys, school supplies, hygiene products (no liquids or toothpaste), and other small gifts such as biblical books, socks, t-shirts, etc. Basically, anything that could be useful for a needy child and that will fit in a shoebox, backpack, duffle bag etc., but nothing battery powered as they have no access to batteries.  No guns, knives or anything portraying violence.

Please check the pamphlets available for specific information.  Choose if the gift is for a boy or a girl and the age group.

Where possible, please donate $10.00 per box for shipping costs.

These shoeboxes that you will be filling will be dropped off at the Operation Christmas Child drop-off center and shipped to their destination to be hand delivered to the children in need.

For information please contact Frank – 514-333-0791; Connie – 514-747-9347, or the office – 514-747-4226.

DEADLINE for returning the filled boxes is Sunday, November 14th.

Thank you to ALL parishioners for your continued generosity!