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June 11, all day – “Courageous Catholicism” conference with noted Catholic speaker Steve Ray as the special guest. Offered by Serviam Ministries (

July 16, all day – Open house at the church, open to all the people of Ville Saint-Laurent regardless of faith or language.

August (date TBD) – 2nd mass with prayers for healing, presided by Fr. Jason Piper. If you have a health condition, or want to bring someone who has, this service is for you!

September 12-15, 7:00 pm –  Parish mission preached by Bishop Thomas Dowd. The four topics are:

1) Who is God?

2) If God is good, why is there evil in the world?

3) If God is good but there is evil in the world, what has God  done about it?

4) If God is good but there is evil in the world and God is doing something about it, how do we get on board?

October 13, 7:00 pm – THE BIG EVENT! Solemn mass for the official consecration of the parish church.

October 16, afternoon – Intercultural day for all parishioners, to celebrate the consecration.

The Pastoral Council will also be working to include people living in senior residences in a special way. We will also be working to make the parish an even more welcoming environment and a place of deep prayer.