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The Social group before 1988 was known as the Socio-Cultural Committee. One of there major functions was the distribution of Christmas baskets to the needy families. During this time there was a very strong inter-church cooperation between Catholics and Protestants.. In 1988 when the Parish Pastoral Council was formed, this group became part of it. During many years they carried out many and varied services to our parishioners, namely Coffee Sundays, Candlelight services, dinner dances, parish family suppers, raffle lotteries, garage sales and bursaries to graduates of Fr. MacDonald High School. It was this group that actually introduced the Faith First Program to the parents of our parish.

There have been over the years many parishioners active in carrying out these activities.

In 2000 our group took on some major projects. The one that stands out was the cleaning of the church for our 50th Anniversary. Heather Leitner organized cleaning groups to do different tasks.

Heather Leitner & Betty Lord organized the 50th Anniversary under the direction of the Parish Council and Father Schultz. It was a great success.

In 2004, Fr Calhoun was named administrator of the parish and he dissolved the council. In 2005, Fr. Moon was named Pastor. We started the social group up again with some of our parishioners to continue having activities in our parish. A Charter was drafted up and we became Our Lady of Fatima Social Club. Today we have 39 members and still hope to expand to include other parishioners. In the first years of the group there were only 14 members so we have grown since the group actually started many years ago.

Between September 2006 and March 2007 the Social Club raised $8,400.00 by having a Garage Sale and Meals. We have continued to have outtings for our parishioners since March 2007 going on Pilgrimages, Theatres, Suppers, Bowling, Wine Tasting, Cabane a Sucre and other activities. Even though the name has changed over the years our soul purpose is still to organize activities for the benefit of ALL parishioners in a Christian manner.

Our meetings are held in the Pennefather Room every 2nd Monday of the month.

The Social Club is working at strengthening and revitalizing community life in the parish.