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Jesus the eternal Prayer to God on the Cross


Theme of the anticipated Hour rings through in the readings today. The hour is coming says Isiah. The hour has come asserts Jesus.

The new covenant that God promised to Jeremiah is realized in the “hour” of Jesus – in His death, resurrection, and ascension to the Father’s right hand. It is meant not just for the return of Israel’s exiled tribes from the ends of the world (see Jeremiah 31:1,3-4,7-8); but as Jesus had predicted His passion would gather the dispersed children of God (see John 11:52). Thus today He promises to draw to himself, not only Israelites, but all men and women.

Again Jesus “lifted up” is raised high and exalted is the manifested mercy and compassion of God for the human kind. On the cross He offers himself to the Father as the efficacious eternal offering, a living prayer and supplication for all ages to come. It is to accomplish this that the Father gave Him dominion over heaven and earth (see Acts 2:33;Philippians 2:9).In this “hour” of Jesus sinners in every nation can return to the Father – to be washed of their guilt and given new hearts to love and serve Him as we sing the responsorial Psalm of today.

The new covenant is more than a political or national restoration. As we sing in today’s Psalm, it is a universal spiritual restoration.

The Eucharist unites our offering to His one unique sacrifice of the cross here and now. By uniting our will to his and by renouncing sin let us share in the merits of Christ’s eternal offering to the Father done on this very altar.