Parish Mission: August 2 and 3

Our Lady of Fatima parish has invited an AMAZING Catholic Lay Evangelist from Texas USA, Gabriel Castillo, to come preach a Marian Parish Mission this Summer; and you are ALL invited to join us!


Speaker: Gabriel Castillo (check out his YouTube channel: GabiAfterHours)

Location: Our Lady of Fatima Parish (Mtl) 875 boulevard Marcel Laurin, Saint Laurent
(Note: there is a parish parking lot & free parking in the street. Walking distance from Côte-Vertu metro)

The Marian Mission will take place on 2 days!

DAY 1: Tuesday August 2nd, 2022

Topic – Confession and the Eucharist (Communion in a state of grace + the power of ADORATION!)

~ 6pm: Mass
~ 6:30pm: Rosary with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
~ 7pm-8:15pm: Talk

DAY 2: Wednesday August 3rd, 2022

Topic – Mary in the life of the Christian + the importance of the ROSARY!

~ 6:30pm: Rosary
~ 7pm-8pm: Talk

This event is for people of all ages and all stages of spiritual development. Bring your friend, your mother, your grandpa, your brother, your cousin, your neighbour… everyone’s welcome!

There is no cost! Donate whatever you want when the basket comes around.

We can’t wait to see you all on August 2nd & 3rd. God Bless you and Mary keep you.

Church Entrance is Open

I’m happy to inform you that the second phase of work on our main entrance walkway & steps is now completed. This means that the main doors are now open for you to enter the building. Please note that the hand railings for the steps will be installed shortly.

Along with the main entrance now open again; now that the health and safety pandemic rules have been relaxed… we will also resume opening the side entrance, closest to the parking lot.

On Thursday the Archdiocese sent out the following message…

End of the suspension of the Sunday Obligation:
In 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, Archbishop Lépine issued a dispensation from the Sunday obligation to attend Mass, as churches were closed for liturgical gatherings. When our places of worship reopened some months later, Archbishop Lépine maintained this dispensation pending further notice, in consideration of the persistently high risks involved and in response to the widespread fear of contracting the virus in a public place. Now that the public health state of emergency has been lifted in Quebec, and in order to remove all doubt in the conscience of the faithful, please be advised that this dispensation is now cancelled.

For those of you who have remained secluded due to concern about Covid, and might be worried about large gatherings; among our three Sunday masses (Saturday at 4:30pm, and Sunday at 9am & 11am) the Saturday vigil Mass at 4:30pm usually has the least amount of people, which could help alleviate your concerns.

This year the feast day for the Immaculate Heart of Mary falls on June 25th (Saturday). There will be a mass on the 25th at 9am followed by the rosary to celebrate this beautiful feast in honour of our mother’s loving heart.

Have recourse to the Blessed Virgin every day with complete confidence. Your soul and your life will feel comforted at once. —She will let you partake of the treasures she keeps in her heart, for ‘never has it been known that anyone who sought her protection was left unaided.'” 
– St.Josemaria Escriva, Furrow #768

Get accustomed to entrusting your poor heart to the Sweet and Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that she may purify it from so much dross, and lead it to the Most Sacred and Most Merciful Heart of Jesus.” 
– St.Josemaria Escriva, Furrow  #830

Thursdays of June: Adoration

During this month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to make reparation for the many past and ongoing sins our Eucharistic Lord suffers in the Blessed Sacrament: In addition to our usual schedule, every Thursday throughout the month of June there will be a Holy Hour of silent adoration beginning at 8am followed by our usual 9am mass. 


Beginning today (February 21st) the government imposed requirement of vaccination passports to enter places of worship has ended. This means church doors are open to all once again throughout all of Quebec, thanks be to God! 

In Thanksgiving for the removal of passports, and places of worship once again open to all in Quebec, I invite you to pray a rosary; thanking Our Lady of Victory for removing this obstacle to our unity through her intercession. Thanks be to God!

As one family in Jesus we celebrated our faith outdoors together over the last two months. It wasn’t the most ideal situation. It was difficult, but it was also a joy, and blessing to still be able to come together during these trying times. I want to thank everyone who helped make those Outdoor masses possible. Thanks be to God!

Now we are moving back indoors to celebrate our faith together as one family, thanks be to God! 

Please Note: 
The usual health requirements of: wearing a mask, sanitizing hands, and keeping a three foot distance (lowered from the previous six foot requirement) from those outside your “bubble” are still in effect. Also, as has been our practice throughout the pandemec, for the foreseeable future we will continue using only the main entrance doors for you to enter the Church.

Our usual mass schedule (now celebrated indoors) is as follows:

– Saturday 4:30pm
– Sunday 9am & 11am

– Tuesday 7pm (adoration at 6pm)
– Wednesday 9am 
– Thursday 9am 
– Friday 9am (adoration after mass)
– First Saturday of the Month 10am (adoration & Marian devotions after mass)

To note: Ash Wednesday is sneeking up on us. This year it falls on March 2nd. As usual we will have mass with the blessing and distribution of ashes at 9am & 7pm.

God Bless, 
Fr. Jason Piper

* * * * *

update: February 10

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have tried to provide for the community’s spiritual needs as best as possible under difficult and constantly changing circumstances. We put in place and faithfully followed all the health and safety requirements dictated by the government. When we were limited to 25 per gathering for mass, many parishes decided to close to the public, but we made the best of the situation and remained open. When we were limited to only 10 people per celebration, most parishes throughout the Archdiocese closed, but we still remained open because although only being allowed 10 was ridiculous, it was still better than nothing. To maximize the number of people who could be present in the church under the various levels of restrictions, we set up the parish Hall with audio and visual of what was going on in the church above, so more could participate together as a community. Under the latest restrictions, when again most parishes closed to the public, we have again adapted to continue providing for our community by having “Outdoor Masses” throughout the dead of winter. Time and again we have done our best to provide for Our Lady of Fatima’s faith community.Update:

I must note here that none of this would be possible without the help of many volunteers who have helped in various ways to make all these efforts possible. I (we all) cannot thank enough all those who have contributed throughout it all!

Now, after obliging places of worship to close on December 31st 2021, the Quebec government has announced that Places of Worship are allowed to reopen as of this past Monday, February 7th; the number of people allowed to enter is 50% capacity with a limit of 250 people. Also, in addition to the past health and safety requirements; vaccination passports are now required… and this newest requirement of the passport, my brothers and sisters in Christ our Lord, is a major problem.

Let us be clear, not from a health and safety standpoint does the problem of vaccination passports arrive in relation to Places of Worship. As it is not within my competency to judge the validity and effectiveness of vaccination passports imposed on the public as a health measure. However, from a faith standpoint the use of this passport for Places of Worship does fall into my domain of competency. We cannot in good conscience at this time implement this new requirement of a vaccination passport. To do so would essentially mean not all are welcome, not all are allowed to celebrate their faith, that some must stay out. This is scandalous, and an absolute contradiction of our Christian faith. Several bible passages come to mind with regard to how this requirement is problematic for Christian Places of Worship:

“I am not asking on behalf of them alone, but also on behalf of those who will believe in Me through their message, that all of them may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I am in You. May they also be in Us, so that the world may believe that You sent Me.” -John 17:20-21

In Jesus we are one people, and our unity, our oneness, is a sign to the world. The passport divides us, it breaks our unity.

“For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” -Galatians 3:27-28

As Christians, through our baptism we are all equally sons and daughters of the Father through Jesus by the Holy Spirit. Yet the passport creates a division, it is an inequality which destroys our equality.

“Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” -Matthew 11:28

Christ calls all to Himself, yet the passport says only those with this QR code can come in and rest with Jesus in the “House of God”. Jesus would never keep us out of His home because we don’t meet the government’s criteria.

Therefore, in good conscience how can we apply this requirement without betraying what it means to be a follower of Jesus, and without betraying each other in the process? I don’t see how we can.

With all this in mind, and with much sadness and heaviness of heart, wanting to open the doors for all to return to your parish community and celebrate our faith together, yet because we are currently unable to do so; for the time being we will continue as we have been doing since Christmas, with the Outdoor Masses.

I know this is not ideal, and difficult for some to attend mass this way. However, with the Outdoor Mass ALL have the option of coming together as one community, which again, is not the case if we implement the passport requirement.

I know this will be upsetting for some. I am upset too! Some will be frustrated. I am frustrated too! We do not want things to be this way, and we look forward with great longing for the day when all of this pandemic business and all these requirements become a distant memory. Already, there is talk of allowing gatherings of 50 without passports some weeks down the road from now. So hopefully our situation will be changing very soon… Please Lord, remove this passport requirement sooner rather than later!

Until then be assured we will continue to provide for the spiritual needs of this community, as best we can. And I want to encourage you, if you haven’t already, join us at the Outdoor Masses. You can hear everything on your car radio 90.9FM, and see everything from the window where I celebrate mass with and for ALL of you. If you don’t have a car, dress extra warm and bring a folding chair if you have one.

All our masses are at their usual time:

SUNDAY MASSES: Outdoors in parking lot
– Saturday 4:30pm
– Sunday 9am & 11am

WEEKDAY MASSES: Outdoors in parking lot
– Tuesday 7pm (adoration at 6pm)
– Wednesday 9am
– Thursday 9am
– Friday 9am (followed by adoration till 10:30am)
– First Saturday of the Month 10am (followed by adoration and Marian devotions)

P.S. I appreciate your patience, and continued support; together ALL moving forward as one community in Christ our Saviour!

God Bless, 
Fr. Jason Piper

MASS SCHEDULE UPDATE ( 6 January 2022)

Although places of worship are currently closed to INDOOR gatherings throughout Quebec, it is still possible to have OUTDOOR gatherings. Following the example given by Archbishop Lepine at the Cathedral for Christmas masses, we have been offering outdoor masses at Our Lady of Fatima too. I’m happy to announce that we are able to continue with our entire usual mass schedule, via outdoor masses.

For the outdoor masses you are invited to park in the parish parking lot. You will be able see the mass celebrated from a window overlooking the parking lot. You can tune your car radio to 90.9 FM, so that you can hear the mass broadcasted from our short range FM transmitter. If you don’t have a car; dress warmly, and bring a folding chair if you have one.

Our Lady of Fatima [Outdoor] mass schedule:

– Saturday 4:30pm
– Sunday 9am & 11am

– Tuesday: 7pm (adoration 6pm)
– Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 9am
adoration following the Friday 9am mass
– First Saturday of the Month: 10am 

God Bless, 
Fr. Jason Piper


Additional restrictions, which go into effect tomorrow (December 31st) were announced at a press conference on December 30th. One of those restrictions is that places of worship in Quebec are to close. 

We are waiting to hear from the Archdiocese to get more details regarding these new restrictions, to see if they will also apply to outdoor masses. In the meantime we will proceed with the following outdoor masses, until instructed otherwise. Keep an eye on your emails and on this website for further updates.

– Friday December 31st, 9am weekday mass
– Friday December 31st, 4:30pm solemnity; Mary Mother of God
– Saturday January 1st, 11am solemnity; Mary Mother of God

Sunday January 2nd (Epiphany), 9am 
Sunday January 2nd (Epiphany), 11am 

Note: Outdoor Mass
For the outdoor masses you are invited to park facing the church building in the parish parking lot. I will be celebrating mass from the window overlooking the parking lot. Tune in your car radio to 90.9 FM to hear the mass, which will be transmitted via our short range FM transmitter. Instructions for Holy Communion will be given during the mass. 

Word of Encouragement: 
This ongoing pandemic, and renewed restrictions can be disheartening. Seek your encouragement and hope in the Lord. He is our rock and foundation, place all your cares, all your concerns on Jesus, for He cares for you (see 1 Peter 5:7). 

“For our light and momentary affliction is producing for us an eternal glory that is far beyond comparison. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” 
– 2 Corinthians 4:17-18

God Bless, 
Fr. Jason Piper

—- —- —– 

UPDATE: For December 28th to January 2nd 

Our Lady of Fatima parish is currently closed to the public entering the building. However, we are offering outdoor masses. 

As the situation devolves rapidly in Quebec, things continue to be in flux regarding what can & can’t be done regarding public gatherings. Barring any further restrictions imposed on public gatherings… We will proceed *this week* (Dec 28th to Jan 2nd) as follows (note- if there are new restrictions announced this week that affect us, we will provide another update):

– Mary Mother of God, January 1st at 11am
– Sunday Mass (Epiphany), January 2nd at 11am:

We will have a mass OUTDOORS on Saturday at 11am to celebrate the great solemnity of Mary Mother of God together. Along with an Outdoor mass for Sunday at 11am.

For these masses the parish parking lot will be closed. You can park in the streets around the parish and join us in the parking lot for mass outdoors.
Dress warmly, and bring a folding chair if you can. You can also remain in your vehicle and listen to the mass from our short range FM transmitter 90.9 FM, and come to the parking lot when it’s time for Holy Communion.

Tuesday – 7pm
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 9am

We will try an experiment for the weekday masses and see how things go, adjusting as needed.

We will open the parish parking lot for weekday masses so that people can park their car in the parking lot, and view the mass from their cars as I will be celebrating mass at the window. You will be able to hear the mass via your car radio by tuning into (90.9FM) our short range FM transmitter. When it’s time for Holy Communion, instructions will be given as to how to proceed.

There are no easy solutions as we try to safety navigate through the public gathering restrictions. It has been very difficult, and trying on us all. Your patience and understanding are most appreciated. Thank you for the support and encouragement many have expressed. With Jesus, we push forward with confidence, knowing that in the end everything will work out.

Our Lady of Fatima, Stella Maris, help us navigate through these dark and difficult waters to safety! 

God Bless, 
Fr. Jason Piper


Dear Parishioners,

The Quebec government has recently added new Covid related restrictions, some of which affect places of worship. Vaccine passports will now be required for indoor gatherings of religious services. Not being able to conform to this new restriction imposed on us, effective immediately Our Lady of Fatima parish will be closed to the public for indoor gatherings (but we will have outdoor gatherings, see below) until further notice. 

CHRISTMAS MASS: Outdoor Mass Only
Due to the closure of our parish building to the public; all reservations for the Christmas masses have been canceled. However, currently vaccine passports are not required for outdoor gatherings so there will be a mass celebrated OUTSIDE in the Church parking lot for ALL who wish to celebrate the Nativity of Our Lord together on Christmas Eve (Dec 24th) at 7pm and on Christmas Day (Dec 25th) at 11am.
– Dress warmly.
– Bring a folding chair if you want.
– The parking lot will be closed to cars, but there is plenty of parking in the streets around the Church.
– FM radio 90.9: For those who might find it difficult to be outside in the cold for mass… The parish soundsystem has a short range FM transmitter that you can tune into from your car parked near to the church, 90.9 FM. When it’s time for Holy Communion you can walk over to the parking lot. 

In extreme poverty and simplicity our Lord came into this world at His birth. This year, with Mary and Joseph, we as a united community (vaccinated and not vaccinated; all brothers and sisters in the Lord, one in our Catholic faith) will celebrate Jesus’ birth in poverty and simplicity too. 

OUTDOOR MASS SCHEDULE: – December 24th at 7pm – Nativity of Our Lord – December 25th 11am – Nativity of Our Lord 
– December 26th 11am – Sunday Mass: Holy Family note: the parish parking lot will be closed to cars during outdoor massesUse the street for parking.

check back regularly for more updates. 
God Bless, 
Fr. Jason Piper