Announcement: Masses cancelled this week (January 18 – 23)

THIS WEEK’S MASSES CANCELLED: January 18th to 23rd 

I must enter quarantine protocols for the week, due to exposure to Covid. Sadly, this means I will not be able to celebrate the weekday masses and this Sunday’s masses with you; as all our Outdoor Masses are cancelled from Tuesday 18th through Sunday the 23rd. 

Keep an eye out for further developments regarding the following week, which I hope will be back to Outdoor Masses business as *unusual* during the unusual era of Covid. 

However, please note that I will be celebrating mass daily in isolation and covering all your mass intentions booked for the week. 

Also to note,¬†this Thursday January 20th, is my 10th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood! Of the 10 years, the majority of this time has been with you… 6 years 4 months and 20 days have been spent here, serving Our Lady of Fatima parish. Even before Covid started I had begun to look forward to celebrating my 10th anniversary with all of you, especially with a potluck. This community throws great Potlucks! However, our Good Lord has other plans for how I am to celebrate my 10th anniversary, in isolation with Him, and this is humbling but also brings a special joy; to follow His plans and not our own! Greater and deeper intimacy with Jesus is the path to eternal joy.

Be assured of my prayers for you, please pray for me too. I look forward to seeing you all on the other side of this quarantine. 

Fr. Jason Piper

MASS SCHEDULE UPDATE ( 6 January 2022)

Although places of worship are currently closed to INDOOR gatherings throughout Quebec, it is still possible to have OUTDOOR gatherings. Following the example given by Archbishop Lepine at the Cathedral for Christmas masses, we have been offering outdoor masses at Our Lady of Fatima too. I’m happy to announce that we are able to continue with our entire usual mass schedule, via outdoor masses.

For the outdoor masses you are invited to park in the parish parking lot. You will be able see the mass celebrated from a window overlooking the parking lot. You can tune your car radio to 90.9 FM, so that you can hear the mass broadcasted from our short range FM transmitter. If you don’t have a car; dress warmly, and bring a folding chair if you have one.

Our Lady of Fatima [Outdoor] mass schedule:

– Saturday 4:30pm
– Sunday 9am & 11am

– Tuesday: 7pm (adoration 6pm)
– Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 9am
adoration following the Friday 9am mass
– First Saturday of the Month: 10am 

God Bless, 
Fr. Jason Piper


Additional restrictions, which go into effect tomorrow (December 31st) were announced at a press conference on December 30th. One of those restrictions is that places of worship in Quebec are to close. 

We are waiting to hear from the Archdiocese to get more details regarding these new restrictions, to see if they will also apply to outdoor masses. In the meantime we will proceed with the following outdoor masses, until instructed otherwise. Keep an eye on your emails and on this website for further updates.

– Friday December 31st, 9am weekday mass
– Friday December 31st, 4:30pm solemnity; Mary Mother of God
– Saturday January 1st, 11am solemnity; Mary Mother of God

Sunday January 2nd (Epiphany), 9am 
Sunday January 2nd (Epiphany), 11am 

Note: Outdoor Mass
For the outdoor masses you are invited to park facing the church building in the parish parking lot. I will be celebrating mass from the window overlooking the parking lot. Tune in your car radio to 90.9 FM to hear the mass, which will be transmitted via our short range FM transmitter. Instructions for Holy Communion will be given during the mass. 

Word of Encouragement: 
This ongoing pandemic, and renewed restrictions can be disheartening. Seek your encouragement and hope in the Lord. He is our rock and foundation, place all your cares, all your concerns on Jesus, for He cares for you (see 1 Peter 5:7). 

“For our light and momentary affliction is producing for us an eternal glory that is far beyond comparison. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” 
– 2 Corinthians 4:17-18

God Bless, 
Fr. Jason Piper

—- —- —– 

UPDATE: For December 28th to January 2nd 

Our Lady of Fatima parish is currently closed to the public entering the building. However, we are offering outdoor masses. 

As the situation devolves rapidly in Quebec, things continue to be in flux regarding what can & can’t be done regarding public gatherings. Barring any further restrictions imposed on public gatherings… We will proceed *this week* (Dec 28th to Jan 2nd) as follows (note- if there are new restrictions announced this week that affect us, we will provide another update):

– Mary Mother of God, January 1st at 11am
– Sunday Mass (Epiphany), January 2nd at 11am:

We will have a mass OUTDOORS on Saturday at 11am to celebrate the great solemnity of Mary Mother of God together. Along with an Outdoor mass for Sunday at 11am.

For these masses the parish parking lot will be closed. You can park in the streets around the parish and join us in the parking lot for mass outdoors.
Dress warmly, and bring a folding chair if you can. You can also remain in your vehicle and listen to the mass from our short range FM transmitter 90.9 FM, and come to the parking lot when it’s time for Holy Communion.

Tuesday – 7pm
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 9am

We will try an experiment for the weekday masses and see how things go, adjusting as needed.

We will open the parish parking lot for weekday masses so that people can park their car in the parking lot, and view the mass from their cars as I will be celebrating mass at the window. You will be able to hear the mass via your car radio by tuning into (90.9FM) our short range FM transmitter. When it’s time for Holy Communion, instructions will be given as to how to proceed.

There are no easy solutions as we try to safety navigate through the public gathering restrictions. It has been very difficult, and trying on us all. Your patience and understanding are most appreciated. Thank you for the support and encouragement many have expressed. With Jesus, we push forward with confidence, knowing that in the end everything will work out.

Our Lady of Fatima, Stella Maris, help us navigate through these dark and difficult waters to safety! 

God Bless, 
Fr. Jason Piper


Dear Parishioners,

The Quebec government has recently added new Covid related restrictions, some of which affect places of worship. Vaccine passports will now be required for indoor gatherings of religious services. Not being able to conform to this new restriction imposed on us, effective immediately Our Lady of Fatima parish will be closed to the public for indoor gatherings (but we will have outdoor gatherings, see below) until further notice. 

CHRISTMAS MASS: Outdoor Mass Only
Due to the closure of our parish building to the public; all reservations for the Christmas masses have been canceled. However, currently vaccine passports are not required for outdoor gatherings so there will be a mass celebrated OUTSIDE in the Church parking lot for ALL who wish to celebrate the Nativity of Our Lord together on Christmas Eve (Dec 24th) at 7pm and on Christmas Day (Dec 25th) at 11am.
– Dress warmly.
– Bring a folding chair if you want.
– The parking lot will be closed to cars, but there is plenty of parking in the streets around the Church.
– FM radio 90.9: For those who might find it difficult to be outside in the cold for mass… The parish soundsystem has a short range FM transmitter that you can tune into from your car parked near to the church, 90.9 FM. When it’s time for Holy Communion you can walk over to the parking lot. 

In extreme poverty and simplicity our Lord came into this world at His birth. This year, with Mary and Joseph, we as a united community (vaccinated and not vaccinated; all brothers and sisters in the Lord, one in our Catholic faith) will celebrate Jesus’ birth in poverty and simplicity too. 

OUTDOOR MASS SCHEDULE: – December 24th at 7pm – Nativity of Our Lord – December 25th 11am – Nativity of Our Lord 
– December 26th 11am – Sunday Mass: Holy Family note: the parish parking lot will be closed to cars during outdoor massesUse the street for parking.

check back regularly for more updates. 
God Bless, 
Fr. Jason Piper